The Cayman Island 's Property market it is BUYER BEWARE!

This is a real reason why you should choose a RICS Chartered Surveyor for your home survey?

Peace of mind and reassurance that your chosen surveyor will have undergone thorough training and will hold the knowledge to provide you with the highest quality of service, as expected by the RICS code of conduct.

Surveyor or Chartered Surveyor

While the terms Surveyor and Chartered Surveyor are often, incorrectly, used interchangeably, in the surveying industry they hold different meaning. In fact, to use the eponym Chartered Surveyor, a surveying professional will have undergone the rigorous training required to join the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). A Surveyor who doesn’t hold the chartered status, may have the knowledge to conduct a home buyer report but won’t be regulated by such an authoritative body like the RICS.

Property surveyors – a crucial role in our economy

Property surveyors play a crucial role in our economy, our society and our environment. They provide services relating to real estate valuation, management and transactions that ensure a healthy real estate market and a stable economy. The property surveying industry helps to maximise the performance of businesses and public buildings, and ensures the working environment is a productive and efficient one for employees.

With the role and visibility of the built environment changing radically in recent years, property surveyors have an interesting, challenging and ever-changing role that is very much in demand. Whether it be in housing or business, property surveyors are engaged in the buying, selling, leasing and letting of property, as well as the creation of safe, sustainable and high-performing buildings to work, rest or play in.

Furthermore, technology has wrought enormous change; business models and consumer habits have been transformed; environmental concerns have come to the fore; attitudes to health and wellbeing are evolving rapidly; expectations of buildings are far more sophisticated; and the role of real estate is changing rapidly.

In this context, the role of the property surveyor is critical.

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